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About Overview Organization & Management Strategy Open Positions Movie Library Access Research Structure Researchers & Laboratories Research Areas Three Advanced Target Projects Collaboration Achievements Press Releases Media & Award AIMResearch Publications Topics News Seminars & Symposium International Satellites International Partner Institutions Inter-Faculty Exchange Agreements Researcher Exchange Programs Support Support Systems For International Researchers (IAC) For Visitors Researchers for Visitors for Researchers for Enterprise Access AIMR Fund Japanese FAQ University-related matters University information systems The Fundamental Matters for Working University facilities Learning the Japanese language University information systems What are Tohoku University Systems? Tohoku-Dai IDs are unique user IDs issued to faculty members, students and other members of Tohoku University. Your Tohoku-Dai ID is required for the use of various university information systems (Tohoku University Portal Site, Faculty and Staff Groupware, etc.) Check the URL below for more details. About the Integrated Electronic Authentication System of Tohoku University (in Japanese) Tohoku University Mail (TU Mail) All Tohoku University faculty members are provided with an email environment, called “Tohoku University Mail”. The email function is Gmail using the tool of G Suite for Education provided by Google. Please make sure your Tohoku University Mail address (automatically assigned) and password (tentative) which are written in the notification letter for your Tohoku-Dai ID to log-in TU Mail. Flowchart and Manuals to start using TU Mail (Tohoku University Mail website) eduroam eduroam is an academic wireless LAN roaming infrastructure that can be used by universities and other education and research institutions in 106 countries and regions worldwide, including Japan. For more information, please go to “Application for Network Use” (internal access only). Tohoku University Identification Card University faculty members can apply for an Identification Card to be issued. The identification Card not only proves that you are an employee of the university, but is also necessary to enter the Tohoku University libraries and the related buildings you belong to. How to apply Login to the “Faculty and Staff Groupware” with your Tohoku-Dai ID and password. Select “12. Application for the Identification Card” and proceed to the issuance step. Faculty and Staff Groupware (in Japanese) Safety Confirmation System A Safety Confirmation System that uses email has been introduced as a way to ensure that the safety of all students and faculty members can be confirmed efficiently and smoothly, in the event of an emergency, such as natural disaster. At times of emergency, an email will be delivered to your Authentication System, so your safety can be confirmed more smoothly if you register the email address of your mobile phone as well as that of your Tohoku University mail. A smartphone app is also available. About the Safety Confirmation System (Disaster Management Promotion Office, Tohoku University (in Japanese)) The Fundamental Matters for Working Is there a support system for childbirth and childcare? Tohoku University has the support systems for childbirth and childcare. Please refer to the pamphlet through the following URL. Childbirth/Childcare Support System (Tohoku University Administration Bureau website) (in Japanese) Support systems for Female researchers who are taking care of their children are available. For the detailed information,please refer to the following URL. Center for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Tohoku University website When and how is the salary paid? Basic salary is determined based on the annual/monthly/daily/hourly salary or adjustments decided at the time of employment, and transferred to your account for each month on the 21st. Faculty and Staff Groupware (in Japanese) I am staying here with my family. How can I get them certified as dependent family members? If you have a spouse, children, parents, or other family members who live with you with no income, they can be recognized as dependent. *There are exceptions when this condition doesn’t apply. Please contact Accounting Section for detailed information. What are the conditions of having the payment of national pension insurance exempted and the procedure to apply for it? If you are staying in Japan without compensation (e.g. your status of residence is cultural activities, etc.), or by submitting a payment deferment application, you may be exempted from paying the national pension insurance. (The Japan Pension Service will examine whether or not the exemption is possible.) The exemption period is one year from July to June of the following year, and the application for the next year can be made after July. This procedure is carried out at the ward office in your area of residence. National Pension and Employees’ Pension Insurace (ISC website) The International Support Center (ISC) can provide assistance with the enrollment into the National Pension System. University facilities Are there any libraries in the campus? The Tohoku University Library is made up of the main building, Medical Library, Kita-Aobayama Library, Engineering Library and Agricultural Library. There are also affiliated libraries for the various undergraduate departments, graduate schools, university laboratories, and so on. Opening hours differ depending on the library. Please see below for the details. Tohoku University Library An online service called My Library is also available for use by Tohoku University faculty members and students, where the following services can be accessed. Ordering books from other libraries in the university Reserving books currently on loan Extending loan period Request for copies of literature, and borrowing from non-university libraries, etc. Your Identification is your verification for using the libraries. It is required for entry to and borrowing from all of the library buildings. Adjunct and Part-time lectures, researchers and other individuals who are not eligible to receive an Identification card will be required to have verification for using the libraries. Please apply for this at any library service counter listed below: Kawauchi area … Main Library Seiryo area … Medical Library Kita-Aobayama area … Kita-Aobayama Library Higashi-Aobayama area … Engineering Library Shin-Aobayama area … Agricultural Library Various Research Institute … Each respective Research Institute Library *The libraries that users can make applications at are determined by the department the user is affiliated to. The service buildings may differ for individuals enrolled in other campuses than those with the libraries above. For more details, please inquire at the service counter of your nearest library (or affiliated library). Are there any retail stores, dining halls, and cafeterias on campus? Each campus has retail stores and a range of cafeterias that also offer vegetarian and halal menus. Campus stores and cafeterias (Tohoku University Co-op website) Are there any spaces for prayer on campus? Employees working at AIMR can make use of the Quiet Space. In addition, prayer spaces are installed at each campus. If you would like more details, please contact IAC (&#105;&#97;&#99;&#64;&#103;&#114;&#112;&#46;&#116;&#111;&#104;&#111;&#107;&#117;&#46;&#97;&#99;&#46;&#106;&#112;). What other facilities does Tohoku University have? There are sports gyms, gymnasiums, restaurants, cafes, retail stores, mailboxes, and ATM facilities. Some campuses even have a hairdressing salon and optician’s shop. Ref: Dining & Shops (Tohoku University website) I have matters to attend to at another campus. Are there shuttle buses or other means of transportation? Yes, there are. The Tohoku University Campus Bus runs between campuses, and can be used by students, faculty and staff. You can also use the Aobayama Shuttle Bus to move within the Aobayama Campus. You can check the bus stops and operating days and times through the link below. TU Campus bus Aobayama shuttle bus Are there training facilities in Tohoku University or around the campuses? The Kawauchi Campus has a sports gym and pool facilities. Please click on below link for details on how to use the facilities and the days when they are available for use. The Katahira Campus has a gymnasium, but you will need to bring in your own sporting implements. Gymnasiums (Tohoku University website) Is smoking allowed in the university? Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is prohibited across the university’s campuses. Learning the Japanese language I want to learn the Japanese language. Are there any courses that researchers can take? The Institute for Excellence in Higher Education,Tohoku University offers a Japanese Language Education Program. There are various classes covering introductory to advanced levels, so you can choose a class that corresponds to your Japanese proficiency level. A placement test and orientation are held at the beginning of the first and second semesters. Firstly, please complete course application and class registration procedures. Procedures differ depending on the criteria for course-takers, so please check the website below for details. Tohoku University Japanese Language Education Program Are there any Japanese language courses that my family can also attend? IAC conducts “IAC Japanese Class” for international researchers and their families. Participation is free-of-charge, and it does not matter if you do not understand the Japanese language at all. The class is designed to help learners study the Japanese language while learning about Japanese culture. Please feel free to join. For details, please refer to the “IAC Japanese Class” page. Are there any Japanese language schools or courses available in Sendai? You can see the list of Japanese language courses from the link below. Japanese Language Courses in Sendai City (Sendai Tourism Convention and International Association (SenTIA) website) Support Support Systems Research Support Division Initiatives for Promoting Fusion Research Support for Young Researchers For International Researchers (IAC) Pre/Post Arrival Support Orientation IAC Japanese Class Past Classes 2024 2023 Rental Items FAQ Pre arrival / Pre departure Living in Japan University-related matters Information Bulletin Board and Information Rack For Visitors Home Support For International Researchers (IAC) University-related matters TOHOKU UNIVERSITY World Premier International Research Center Initiative For AIMR Members Link Site map Copyright © 2020 Tohoku University. All Rights Reserved.

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