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Javascriptが無効なため一部の機能が動作しません。動作させるためにはJavascriptを有効にしてください。またはブラウザの機能をご利用ください。 メインメニューをスキップして本文へ移動 交通・キャンパスマップ サイトマップ お問合せ 非常時の対応 HOME About Institute for SDGs Promotion Our engagement to achieve SDGs SDGs in the curriculum Member Contact Institute for SDGs Promotion ページの本文です。 Institute for SDGs Promotion Ochanomizu University, which will celebrate its 150th anniversary in 2025, has contributed to higher education for women and the production of high-level human resources, with its mission to " be a place where all women who are motivated to learn can realize their earnest dreams".  The Institute for SDGs Promotion was established in April 2022, which is a new institute for the University, but I believe that the support for girls&#39; education around the world, including in developing countries, which Ochanomizu University has been working on for years, anticipated the SDG’s principle of &#39;Leave No One Behind (LNOB)&#39;.   We add human life and environmental science research, which is one of the special features of our university, to these efforts, and promote SDG research and activities from the perspective of “seikatsu-sha”*, which pursue &#39;an enriched healthy human life&#39;, &#39;coexistence with people and society with various values&#39; and &#39;harmony between environmental issues and human life&#39;, as well as making use of our educational environment where the university and affiliated schools are located on the same campus. Ochanomizu University will pursue promoting SDG research and activities.           *seikatsu-sha: subjects who are creatively involved in enriching their lives.  2024年5月7日 Sustainability Week 2024 Report 2024年3月29日 "Recipes for the Wise, conceived by students of Ochanomizu University" has been posted on the website of Seven & i Holdings Co. 2024年3月28日 Energy saving stickers based on proposals by Ocha-dai&#39;s Climate Citizens&#39; Assembly are posted inside campus 2024年3月28日 Tokyo Cable Network&#39;s TV show "Let&#39;s! SDGs!!" featured OCHA-SDGs Student Committee&#39;s performing Entomophagy Consignment Sale and Campus Festival. 2024年3月18日 President and Vice-President of OCHA-SDGs Student Committee visited Okayama University for exchange 2024年3月7日 Notification of Research Exchange Meeting with Prof. Petra-Warschburger, University of Potsdam On 7th March, 2024 (10:00~11:00 JST) | Inter-Faculty Building 2-102 *For Ocha-dai officials 2024年3月7日 Notification of Public Lecture by Prof. Petra-Warschburger, University of Potsdam On 7th March, 2024 (14:00~15:30 JST) | Inter-Faculty Building 2-102 (hybrid seminar) About Institute for SDGs Promotion 詳しくはこちら Our engagement to achieve SDGs 詳しくはこちら SDGs in the curriculum 詳しくはこちら Member 詳しくはこちら Contact 詳しくはこちら Japanese Environmental Report Global Collaboration Center Institute for Gendered Innovations(IGI) Liaison and Research Administration Center(J) SNS   情報セキュリティポリシー 電力使用状況 教職員メニュー このサイトについて ソーシャルメディアポリシー 個人情報について プライバシーポリシー アクセスマップ サイトマップ お問い合わせ 国立大学法人お茶の水女子大学 〒112-8610 東京都文京区大塚2-1-1 責任者:お茶の水女子大学ホームページ運営委員会委員長 E-mail:&#105;&#110;&#102;&#111;&#64;&#99;&#99;&#46;&#111;&#99;&#104;&#97;&#46;&#97;&#99;&#46;&#106;&#112; PC表示 スマホ表示 Copyright © OCHANOMIZU UNIVERSITY. All rights reserved.

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